Savannah Chrisley Ditches Chandler Parsons For NBA Lottery Pick Luke Kennard

Reality TV star and “actress” Savannah Chrisley was dating Memphis Grizzlies forward Chandler Parsons as recently as a few months ago. But it seems as if the oft-injured veteran wasn’t quite spunky enough for the beauty pageant queen as she has now opted for a younger baller. Chrisley accompanied Duke star Luke Kennard to the NBA Draft Thursday night as he was selected by the Detroit Pistons with the 12th overall pick.
Ouch. Despite the fact that he’s a millionaire professional basketball player, I actually feel bad for Parsons. No one likes to be replaced by a younger, newer model. Then again, she did try to play it off as if they were just longtime pals (*rolls eyes).
“We hang out,” she told ET about her time with Parsons. “He’s a blast. He has the best personality. I mean, heck — he makes [my dad] laugh, he makes me laugh. He truly is just a great friend,” she dished at the time. “I’m single, having fun.”
Chrisley, 19, officially confirmed that she’s dating Kennard, 20, at last night’s draft. She’s best know for the mind-numbing reality series Chrisley Knows Best. Obviously, she’s insanely hot. But if I’m a lottery pick trying to make it in the NBA, I’m avoiding all possible sources of drama, especially reality TV stars. Just a heads up, Luke. I’m only looking out.
Luke is Chrisley’s first “official” boyfriend since her January breakup from longtime boyfriend Blaire Hanks. The fact that I know that means my Man Card is up for review.
Whatever. Here’s a gorgeous gallery of Chrisley. Enjoy that for now.

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