LISTEN: Nebraska Democrat Official Fired After Audio Is Released, Wishes Death Upon Steve Scalise

Nebraska Democrat Phil Montag has been fired from his party position on Thursday after an audio recording was released, in which this democrat says that he’s “glad Scalise was shot,” and “wishes” that he was “dead.”
Montag is referring to the shooting incident on Wednesday, June 14th, 2017. James T. Hodgkinson fired his automatic weapon while politicians were practicing for a congressional baseball game. Hodgkinson had been inspired to target and kill Republicans. He carried a hit list in his pocket which contained the names of various Republican representatives.
Republican House Majority Whip Steve Scalise was critically injured in the shooting. This Wednesday, his health was reported as “fair.” On Friday, Scalise was transferred out of intensive care. His health has been improving.
Apparently, Phil Montag wished that Scalise would have not recovered from the shooting. He’s glad that the Louisiana representative got shot.
“Let me tell you something. That motherf**ker..the one who got shot the Scafie guy..what’s his name?” asks Montag.
A female’s voice corrects his rant, and informs him that his last name is Scalise.
“No, this motherf**ker, like his whole job is like to get people, convince Republicans to f**king kick people off f**king healthcare. I hate this motherf**ker. I’m f**king glad he got shot….I’m not gonna say that in public,” says Montag.
“Then why are you saying it to us for? What are you tellin’ us for?” asks another voice on the recording.
“I wish he was f**king dead,” responds Montag.
But little did Phil Montag know, one of the people he was ranting to was actually recording the entire conversation. After Montag went on his death march, disappointed with the non-fatal result of political violence, he was informed that the entire f**king conversation was being recorded and will be released to the public….

Here is an official transcript of the conversation:

“Male: “Right now, so what is it that you want to do?”
Phil Montag: “Let me tell you, that motherfucker, the one that was shot, the scafie guy…I mean that guy, what’s was his name scafie?”
Female: “Scalise”
Male: “I really don’t want you to deflect right now.”
Montag: “No, this motherfucker, like his whole job is to like get people , convince Republicans to fuckin’ kick people off fuckin’ healthcare”
Female: “We know all of this.”
Montag: “I hate this motherfucker”
Female: “We know this”
Montage: “I’m fuckin’ glad he got shot!”
Male: “Phil! Phil!”
Montag: “I’m glad he got shot!”
Male: “Dude!”
Montage: “I’m not going to fuckin’ say that in public.”
Female: “You don’t have to say that in public.”
Male: “Then what are you saying it to us for?”
Female: “Say something, say something.”
Male: “What are you telling us for?”
Montag: “I wish he was fuckin’ dead!”
Male: “Why are you telling us but not telling anyone else?”
Montag: “Cause I’m trying to fuckin’ figure all this shit out.”
Male: “It’s OK, because I’ve been recoding this conversation since you’ve come in, so I will publicly release it myself.””

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