Rihanna, Continuing Her Trend Of Being The World's Coolest Human, Gave A Fan Advice On Heartbreak

Rihanna, man. Would you believe me if I told you she wasn’t even 30-years-old yet? That’s right, despite the fact that Rihanna has been one of the faces of pop culture for over a decade, she’s still only in her 20’s.
Let me give you a little perspective on how long Rihanna has been straight DOMINATING.
‘Pon de Replay’, Rihanna’s first hit single, came out in 2005. In 2005, George Bush had just been elected for his second term, smartphones didn’t exist, Donald Trump was hosting the apprentice, and the highest grossing movie in the world was the fourth Harry Potter book.
Needless to say, times have changed significantly since 2005, yet here Rihanna is, being as relevant and sexy as ever:
But how does she do it, other than endless talent and sex appeal? Well, by being just a generally awesome human being, that’s how.
Rihanna’s kindness has been well documented throughout her career, but it’s moments like these when she reaches out to one of her MILLIONS of fans that you realize Rihanna, despite over a decade of success and fame, is one of the most down to earth pop stars to ever live.
Dammit, do we love you, Rihanna.

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