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Meet The Personal Trainer That David Beckham Thinks Is The Best In The World


If I could trade lives with anyone on Earth, in all likelihood, it’d be David Beckham.

World class talent in the planet’s most popular sports, offensively good looks, charming as all hell, BRITISH, married to Posh Spice, worth bajillions, generally nice dude — David Beckham literally has it all.

And when you’re a guy like David Beckham, you have access to all of the world’s greatest amenities, including personal trainers. So when a guy like David Beckham, who could literally hire any personal trainer on Earth, says thatĀ you’reĀ the best, you know you’ve really made it.

I introduce you to Shona Vertue, a 29-year-old London-based personal trainer who Becks considers the best.

“Shona changed my perspective on yoga. Working with her made my aches and pains after playing disappear. She is the best,” Beckham raves on the front cover of Vertue’s new book, The Vertue Method.

Shona, originally frok Syndey, believes that working out shouldn’t be viewed as punishment. And I agree: if I were to work out with Shona Vertue, I wouldn’t think I was being punished — I’d think I was in heaven.

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