People Are Freaking Out Over This Chick Who Is Apparently FORTY-ONE Years Old

Meet Lure Hsu, a 43-year-old designed and model who is somehow closer to 50 than she is 30.
via Daily Mail:

Lure, who is said to be an interior designer, was first noticed by the public because of her younger sister Sharon Hsu. Sharon, 35, is an actress. She invited Lure to attend an entertainment show with her in 2015. In August of the same year, Sharon shared a post on Facebook to celebrate Lure’s 40th birthday.
During an interview with Taiwan’s Friday magazine, Lure revealed the top secrets to her youthful looks. And they’re simple: to drink water and to eat vegetables. Lure said keeping herself hydrated was of the highest importance.
Lure explained she drank a lot of water every day and tried to stay away from sugary drinks, such as Coke. The only other beverage she would have was a cup of black coffee every morning.

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