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Laura Loomer: Must-See Photos Of ‘Julius Caesar’ Protester


Laura Loomer is that outspoken activist who stormed a New York production of Julius Caesar to protest the depiction of a Donald Trump-like Caesar being murdered by a gang of senators. Loomer was speaking out against rhetoric she believes glorifies and, perhaps, encourages violence against Republicans.

Loomer asks the crowd, “Do you want Trump to be assassinated?” Immediately, she is met by a chorus of boos.

She was arrested for this incident last Friday, and spent two hours in a holding cell. Loomer is charged with criminal trespass and disorderly conduct. She must appear in court on August 14th or a warrant will be issued for her arrest. Rebel Media hosts a Free Laura donations and petition page. Any money donated will go to Laura’s legal case. The petition is entitled: “Leftists must stop normalizing political violence.”

“I’m out of jail, but I’m not apologetic,” the 24-year-old wrote on Twitter. “Thanks to everyone who is supporting me & condemning political violence.”

Considering what she’s been though, I’ll give her the nickname of Laura Freedom.

Well, Ms. Freedom is also an online activist for ring-wing group Rebel Media. She’s one badass conservative chick who isn’t afraid to voice her convictions in an environment dripping with venom.

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