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Danielle Fishel Photos: Must-See Pictures of ‘Boy Meets World’ Star


Boy Meets World is dope. That’s not an opinion, it’s a fact. Anyone who couldn’t laugh at the hijinx, relate to the characters, learn from Mr. Feeny or just generally enjoy the show clearly was born without a soul. Seriously, what’s wrong with you?

Of all the things I loved about Boy Meets World there was one clear aspect that stood above the rest: Topanga Lawrence. I had the most massive crush on Topanga and I would have gladly beaten the crap out of Corey Matthews to get to her. Actress Danielle Fishel stole the heart of 5-year-old me and never relinquished her grip on it. That love only deepened with the 2014 revival series Girl Meets World where we got to see her, Corey and the gang all grown up.

So you can only imagine my pain and anger when, at age 27, Fishel began attending California State University, Fullerton where she became a math tutor and met fellow student Tim Belusko. After three years of dating, her and Belusko became engaged and were married in 2013. Though the relationship didn’t last, it still broke my heart.

Following the cancellation of Girl Meets World this year, Fishel is once again a free agent in Hollywood. She’s probably got enough cash stashed up to just kick it as a single mom, but here’s to hoping she get back on screen sometime. Brandon needs himself some Topanga.

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