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Miranda Kerr Got $13 Million Worth Of Diamonds From Billionaire Ex-Boyfriend’s Dirty Scheme Money


Miranda Kerr is an ultimate fox who got Malaysian billionaire Jho Low so hot and bothered that he decided to give her a sh*t load of expensive diamonds. This would be completely alright and acceptable in the eyes of your author. But, and this is a big, big but…this money was allegedly embezzled from the hard-working people of Malaysia.

And guess what else? Apparently, some of this money financed The Wolf of Wallstreet film.

Update: On Monday, June 26, Miranda Kerr has given up at least $8 million worth of jewelry to the US Justice Department.

Finance billionaire Jho Low is the head of 1Malaysia Development Berhad. The company alleges that their purpose is to to promote economic development projects in Malaysia. This huge fund collected a sum of roughly $17 billion under the guise that the cash would be used for a benevolent purpose. However, U.S. Authorities claim that the organization’s charitable purpose is merely a front to pull of a massive embezzlement scheme.

Jho Low allegedly uses this as his own personal slush fund to fuel his party animal ways. He looked to woo Kerr with riches, gamble with Leonardo DiCarpio, and even finance a Hollywood blockbuster.

You see that guy? He was able to date super-stunner Miranda Kerr. He used the “diamonds are a woman’s best friend” approach. Diamonds may be forever, but I’d imagine that he knew his relationship with Kerr wasn’t a permanent fixture.

Kerr divorced Orlando Bloom in 2014, and Low was there for the rebound. This big-time baller showed Miranda some diamonds that are simply hypnotizing. He dipped into his organization’s slush fund and pulled out millions to splurge on diamonds for his newly beloved. Kerr decided that she found a new sugar daddy. reports how these two “love-birds” hooked up:

“For his very first gift, Low told his New York jeweller, Lorraine Schwartz, that he had “$1-2 million” to spend and that size matters.

That gift — an 11.72 carat heart-shaped diamond that he bought for $US1.29 million — came in time for Valentine’s Day, shortly after Kerr’s divorce.

…he chose the diamond and instructed the jeweller to inscribe it with Kerr’s initials, MK.

That was just the beginning.

In November 2014, Low plunked down $US3.8 million as partial payment for an 8.88 carat diamond pendant from Schwartz valued at around $4.5 million that he gave to Kerr as a gift.”

Miranda was so taken by Low’s giving ways that she decided to date him for a year. Oh, but that’s not all…

Low shilled out millions to gamble and fly around the world with Leonardo DiCaprio, according to the US government. DiCaprio was gifted over $13 million in artwork, which had been gifted to him by the Hollywood production company Red Granite. That company funded the movie Wolf of Wallstreet. But all the money involved was allegedly stolen from the people of Malaysia.

On Thursday, Leonardo DiCaprio’s spokesperson announced that the actor would be returning all of the art gifted to him by Jho Low.

According to

“The U.S. Justice Department is seeking to recover $540 million in assets, including penthouse apartments, paintings by Vincent Van Gogh and a yacht known as the Equanimity, that it says were stolen from Malaysia’s troubled sovereign wealth fund, prompting objections from Malaysian officials who said Friday there was no evidence of such crimes.”

Sorry about that, Malaysia. I wonder if the profits from Wolf of Wallstreet will be handed over as well. I mean, the good people are Hollywood are looking out for the best interests of oppressed people from across the globe…right?

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