Shooting at UPS Facility in San Francisco: Full Story & Must-See Details

Multiple people were shot near a San Francisco UPS facility. The shooting took place around 9 a.m, in the city’s Potero Hill neighborhood.
It appears that police now have the building under control. According to reports, the gunman opened fire on the third floor of the building. KCBS Radio reported that the shooter, a male believed to be a UPS driver, was taken into custody and was being transported to the hospital. He was reportedly still alive when he was taken to San Francisco General Hospital, where he eventually died. Three patients remain at the hospital.The shooter pulled the gun to himself after firing at three innocent UPS employees.
As a result, a source from ABC7 says that the shooting occurred at a UPS facility in the area of 17th Street and San Bruno in San Francisco. The source also says that the suspect was a single, disgruntled employee who went into the building during a daily morning meeting.
According to NBC Bay Area, at least four people were injured in the shooting at the package delivery facility in the Portero Hill neighborhood which is about 2.5 miles from downtown San Francisco.
David Phister says he lives across the street and heard four shots fired at 9 a.m. Phister says the area where the shooting occurred was at garage doors at the corner of 17th and Utah, a part of the building for employees only.
Auto shop owner Robert Kim told KPIX he heard five to eight rapid gunshots, then saw “a mob of UPS drivers” running down the street screaming “Shooter, shooter.”
The San Francisco Police are advising all residents to stay put and remain in shelter.


Steve Scalise: Full Story & Must-See Details
Steve Scalise: Full Story & Must-See Details
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