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Who Else Is Sick Of Robin Thicke Pulling Absolute Dimes?


How the hell does Robin Thicke keep doing it?

The guy has about two hits in the last 15 years, and yet every time I see him, he’s popping up with a new dime piece by his side.

I understand that Robin Thicke is a relatively young, handsome, famous rich dude, but there are literally THOUSANDS and relatively young, handsome, famous rich dudes out there.

Anyway, meet April Love Geary, Thicke’s 21-year-old girlfriend.

Geary, who is 18 years Thicke’s junior,  is a model who is signed with IMG Worldwide & Photogenics talent agencies. With a background of Mexican, Irish, Dutch and French, Geary is as exotic as they come.

And she’s yet another reason to hate Robin Thicke.

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