Piers Morgan's Thirsty Ass Tried Spitting Game To Amber Rose On Twitter

What is Amber Rose, exactly? Not like, gender-wise, but in terms of what the hell she actually does. I’ve always just looked at her as sort of a buzzcut version of Kim Kardashian — a talentless socialite who made her name off her ass.
Then there’s Piers Morgan, who reminds me of some sort of sickening British love child between President Trump and Skip Bayless. This guy finds whatever happens to be trending that day and then forms his opinion based off of what take will be most controversial.
And because of these two factors — them both being attention seeking parasites — that it was only a matter of time before their paths crossed, ESPECIALLY in 2017.
After Amber Rose posted an essentially naked picture on Instagram (Google it cause your boy isn’t linking that here), Piers Morgan decided to do what he does, stick his fat British nose where it doesn’t belong and called Rose out on Twitter.
Credit to Rose, she saw right through Morgan’s bullshit, and essentially said ‘you’d f*ck me and you know it.’
I’ve said before that Donald Trump being President of the United States in the most 2017 thing imaginable, but I think Piers Morgan flirting with Amber Rose on Twitter may be even more so.

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