It's A Damn Shame Joy Taylor Is Stuck Wasting Away As Moderator Of 'Undisputed'

Undisputed sucks. There’s no question about it. Fox Sports severely miscalculated Skip Bayless’ appeal, and now they’re paying the price. Thinking First Take was successful because of Skip Bayless is like thinking the Cavaliers came back from 3-1 strictly because of Kyrie Irving. Sure, he was a crucial part, but a part of a whole nonetheless. Isolated, and the result is not the same.

But buried underneath all the bullshit that is Undisputed is a major diamond in the rough — the host, Joy Taylor.
Ripping a page straight from the page of First Take (Cari Champion, Molly Qerim, etc), Undisputed hired a bonafide DIMEPIECE to be the middle woman between the shows two ignorant talking heads. And it’s a damn shame she has toil away on Fox Sports One, because Taylor is as bad as anyone in the sportscasting game.
Taylor, 30, went to school at Barry University, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Broadcast Communications in 2009. Taylor was the host of radio show “The Noise” and serving as the manager for Barry University’s radio station “WBRY 1640 AM” while finishing her degree.

Before joining Fox Sports as the host of Undisputed in March 2016, Taylor was the host of Fantasy Football and Thursday Night Live Today on
But while Taylor may be absolutely stunning, she still isn’t enough to save the show from Skip Bayless.

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