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Megyn Kelly & NBC Facing Criticism For Upcoming Alex Jones Interview



After her career with NBC was already off to a shaky start given the reception of her interview with Vladimir Putin, Megyn Kelly is again facing a backlash.

On Sunday, June 11, Kelly announced that the next interview on Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly would be with controversial right-wing radio show host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

Jones, who believes that 9/11 was an inside job and that the Sandy Hook massacre was staged, appears to be brining his patented paranoia and delusional to the Kelly interview.

However, despite the fact that the interview has yet to air, many people have already began to criticize Kelly for having Jones on her show in the first place.

Many people are upset with the fact that NBC and Kelly are giving Jones, who once said the parents of the 20 students murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary School were actors and the deaths of the children as well as six school employees were all faked, such a large platform to perpetuate his conspiracies.

Kelly tried to defend her programs decision to interview Jones by suggesting that InfoWars is credible because they are credentialed at the White House and President Trump has appeared on Jones’ show.

Kelly’s full interview with Alex Jones will air on Father’s Day — Sunday, June 18.

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