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Emma Hernan Instagram: Hottest Photos Of Model


Emma Hernan is a beauty. I mean, that much is apparent to anyone with eyes. The 25-year-old Massachusetts native is something else.

Still so young, Hernan has already been featured as a Sports Illustrated Lovely Lady of the Day. As a model, she boasts more than 750,000 Instagram followers. Best of all, she’s actually a former Miss COED from 2015. Yeah, I know, we have a real eye for talent. You’re welcome, world.

Hernan is a huge New England Patriots fan and has watched games with fellow celebrities such as Chris Evans and Dane Cook. We won’t hold the latter against her while fully admitting our jealousy of the former. Who doesn’t want to hang out with Captain America?

Hernan has since relocated from Boston to Los Angeles to continue pursuing her modeling career. If these pictures are any indication, things are going well. We wish her nothing but the best and will happily continue following her on IG.

  • COED Writer
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