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Congo Prison Break: Full Story & Must-See Details Of Massive Prison Break


Almost one thousand prisoners escaped from a Beni jail in the Democratic Republic of Congo. According to the governor of North Kivu province, attackers used heavy weapons to raid the prison and free 900 inmates.

Close to a dozen people have perished as a result of this prison break, including eight guards who worked at the jail.

The identity of the attackers have not been revealed. But local officials and activists are speculating…

Local activist Teddy Kataliko said that the city of Beni Congo is populated with multiple self-defense militias.

But this prison break pails in comparison to last month’s jailbreak when 4,000 prisoners escaped from a high security prison in the capital Kinshasa. The inmates fled the penitentiary after an attack that was later blamed on a separatist sect.

Where is the Democratic Republic of Congo?

The Democratic Republic of Congo is located in Central Africa. French is the dominant language of the region. Congo achieved independence from Belgium on June 30th, 1960.

Congo Prison Break: Full Story & Must-See Details

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