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Floyd Mayweather Opens New Las Vegas Strip Club, Girl Collection, And I Just Found My Bachelor Party Destination



Floyd Mayweather is worth a cool $600 million. When you have that kind of Eff You money, you can basically do whatever you want while you wait for a deal to be hammered out with Conor McGregor. While I’m not a fan of Mayweather personally – a serial domestic abuser is not a cool reputation to have – even I can admit that his lavish lifestyle is attention worthy. His latest stunt is particularly…interesting.

With his hundreds of millions of dollars, Mayweather has decided to open a strip club on the Las Vegas strip. Girl Collection enjoyed a soft opening last month and Mayweather announced plans last summer to open the 6,000-square foot adult establishment just west of the Las Vegas strip. The building was once listed for sale at $2.9 million.

Lucky for us plebeians, you don’ have to be a Hollywood A-lister or a world class athlete to get into Girl Collection. The club is officially open to the public and the prices are reasonable.

Thursday: $20
Friday: $50
Saturday: $50
Sunday: $20

Last month, Mayweather was spotted moving stacks of cold hard cash to the strip club. According to Chris Rock, a father’s only job is to keep his daughter off the pole. But with money like this being thrown around, we might have to rethink socially acceptable professions…

Damn, we gotta make our way out to Vegas soon.


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