Melisa Russell Photos: Must-See Pictures Of Addison Russell’s Wife

Even though he’s having a rough season on the baseball diamond, it appears Addison Russell may be having much bigger problems at home.

Addison Russell, the 23-year-old Chicago Cubs shortstop who is batting .209 this season, was put on blast on social media by his wife for apparently cheating on her.

During last night’s Cubs-Marlins game, Russell’s wife Melisa posted the below photo on Instagram during the game, seemingly calling out Russell for cheating.

And if that wasn’t enough, later that night, Melisa Russell tweeted a lengthier statement:

Listen, wives/girlfriends/baby mamas of professional athletes — I’m not saying you deserve to be cheated on, but you need to be smart enough to expect it. These are young men with money and fame who travel all over the world, of course they’re going to be sticking their baseball bat where it doesn’t along. Either sign a pre-nup or just suck it up and deal.

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