Florida (!) Man Was So Desperate To Go To Hooters That He Called 911 For A Ride

Look, I get it, there are few better things in life than beer, wings, and boobs. Ja definitely feel.
But lying to 911 by saying that your Grandmother is having a stroke in the Hooters parking lot and that you need a ride seems like a little bit of a stretch.
Jonathan Hinkle, a 28-year-old Florida man, was arrested and taken to Brevard County Jail on Tuesday, June 6 in connection to the incident that happened on March 5.
Upon receiving the 911 call to take Hinkle to a Hooters in Merritt Island, Florida, police searched for three hours for his grandmother, 79-year-old Gayle Strickland, before finding her in good health. When they found her at another location, she said she did not stroke nor did she ask anyone for help.
via Orlando Sentinel:

In the early morning of March 5, Jonathan Clayton Hinkle told a 911 operator his grandmother had a stroke in the parking lot of the Hooters in Merritt Island. He said he was running to try to get her help and that he would pay responders to take him there immediately, according to the report.
Deputies looked for three hours for Hinkle’s grandmother and discovered she did not have a stroke and didn’t tell Hinkle she needed medical help, the report said. His grandmother, Gayle Strickland, 79, told deputies she had been released from the hospital a few days before the incident, and called Hinkle asking him to pick up his belongings from the residence where she was staying.
Deputies later found Hinkle at a Burger King helping his girlfriend with her vehicle.

Hinkle was arrested in Cocoa, Florida on charges of misusing 911 and was taken to the Brevard County Jail, where he was released from on Wednesday, June 7.

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