The Drake Vocals Finally Came In, DJ Khaled Drops New Single 'To The Max'

After months of asking, the Drake vocals have finally come in, allowing DJ Khaled to release his latest single, ‘To The Max.’
The third single off Khaled’s upcoming album Grateful, Khaled also revealed the album’s release date, June 23, and the adorable cover art for his latest project in unison with the new song.
The album’s lead single, “Shining”, featuring vocals from Beyoncé and  Jay Z, was released on February 14, and it’s second single, “I’m The One”, was released on April 28.
This latest jam from Khaled is yet another example of him being the Nick Fury of the music industry, just rounding up all the rap games Avengers to create one banger after another.

Drake also took to Instagram to promote the new tune, saying:

Drake made sure to shout out the young kid behind the boards, making things happen on Grateful. “ME AND BILLI AKA @djkhaled back at it again tmrw…THANKS TO ASAHD FOR NOT ONLY EXECUTIVE PRODUCING GRATEFUL BUT ALSO USING HIS TINY FINGERS TO PROGRAM THE GRAPHICS FOR THIS EXTRA COOL IG PROMO VIDEO…”

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