Kristaps Porzingis Bodied By Model Ines Nikic on Instagram

NBA stars have long turned to Instagram as an easy and direct access point to supermodels and other female fans of, ahem, certain physical appearances. On one hand, this is kind of creepy and a wee bit lame; you’re a millionaire athlete, you can picks up girls in a bar my man. On the other, if I was in their shoes I would do EXACTLY the same thing. A quick slide into the DMs as a rich sports celebrity? Psh, it’s like fishing with dynamite.
Just in recent months we’ve seen Dallas Mavericks “star” Chandler Parsons hit on a cornucopia of females on Instagram and even New York Knicks last hope last hope Kristaps Porzingis flirted with the gorgeous Abigail Ratchford on the Gram.
Now, Porzingis is right back at it. Sadly, he may not be quite as effective on Instagram as he is on the court.
On Thursday, the Zinger attempted to make a move on Croatian model Ines Nikic when he hit her with a smiley heart emoji on once of her posts. Someone must have pointed out Porzingis’ attempt which prompted her to throw out an absolutely brutal next post.
Nikic quickly posted a picture of her kissing her boyfriend with the caption “Are you sleeping peacefully at night, Kristaps?” in Croatian. Check it out.
Savage. Nikic would have done well on The Walking Dead with that kind of cutthroat attitude.
Anyway, Porzingis can just consider this another L in a long, long year of them. Better luck next time, champ.

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