While Tiger Woods Was Busy Driving Drunk, His Ex Lindsey Vonn Was Crushing Instagram











Is it a coincidence that Lindsey Vonn dropped this picture, maybe her most fire Instagram ever, just a couple of hours after news broke that her ex-boyfriend Tiger Woods got arrested for DUI in Florida?
Because based on my experiences with ex-girlfriends, that is totally something a spiteful ex-girlfriend would do — when you’re at a low point, they’ll make sure to show you how good they’re living. It’s some cold hearted shit if you ask me.
But luckily for me, I feel zero pity for Tiger Woods because A) all of his wounds are self-inflicted, and B) because he’s still worth a bajillion dollars.
With that said, I’m actually kind of glad Vonn decided to flex on Tiger, because the result is this beauty of a photo. You know when the Monaco skyline is the second most attractive thing a picture, you’re really on to something.
So, I guess a quick shout out to Tiger Woods for getting arrested for a DUI, because if he hadn’t, we may have never gotten this picture.

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