WATCH: Did Donald Trump Just Give The Italian Prime Minister The Middle Finger At The G7 Summit?–D/?taken-by=realdonaldtrump

It looks like Donald Trump may have communicated a little bit of sign language to the Italian Prime Minister at yesterday’s G7 Summit. Was he just scratching his face with that finger, who knows? Or was it a not so-subtle way for Donnie Freedom to tell the big cheese in Italy, you know what? Poor, Paolo Gentiloni. Most people in America are probably only finding out the identity of Italy’s prime minster because of The Donald’s tricky little finger.

What’s the G7 Summit?

The G7 Summit consists of seven of the most powerful nations in the free world: United States, Canada, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Japan, and Italy. The group claims to dedicate itself on improving the world economy and fighting back against the footprint of climate change. Almost every country’s leader agrees upon the 2015 Paris Agreement, except for the United States under Trump who remains unclear whether or not America will participate in this pact. Former President Barrack Obama previously accepted to the terms of the Paris Agreement, but Trump hasn’t confirmed whether or not the United States will join in on this agreement. And no, The Donald’s middle finger is not enough evidence to confirm his stance on the matter.
During the G7’s version of recess, Trump stood aloof to his peers; when all the other world leaders took a stroll through Taormina, The Donald could be seen riding along in his golf cart.
Trump has always been the odd cat out. He prides himself on being more of an outsider than Kevin Nash and Scott Hall from the NWO.

Here’s that video you were waiting for!

Did he flip off the Prime Minister of Italy or is this all a big misunderstanding? Take a look and decide for yourself!

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