WATCH: Donald Trump Is Visited By Richard Nixon's Ghost In New Promo From 'The Simpsons'

It’s safe to say that The Simpsons are all aboard the Anti-Trump bandwagon, which is funny since their sister station is FOX News. Whether you enjoy The Donald or you’re generally repulsed by him, you’re still probably going to get a kick out of this new Simpsons promo featuring our orange-toned ‘ham-of-state’ meeting with the ghost of Richard Nixon and the now-infamous former FBI Director James Comey.

We get references from Trump’s most recent visit to Saudi Arabia (just check the photos on the wall in the beginning). Key members in Trump’s cabinet like Steve Bannon, Kellyanne Conway, and some other guy are all dead and hanging by the neck. Yikes!
Okay, okay, I won’t spoil anything more…just watch the damned thing already:

Oh yeah, James Comey looks absolutely yuge in this video. I think Jeff Sessions is hiding under Trump’s bed. Though I’m not sure. He looks like a mousey little weirdo who scurried off into a rat hole in the wall.
Arguably the second biggest star in the clip, besides the beloved Trump, would have to be America’s 37th president Richard Milhous Nixon (no relation to the Van Houtens). Nixon thanks Trump for making him the second worst president of all time.
The segment ends on a hopeful note, that we jump our calendars ahead to 2020 and just get it over with! And with their luck, we may just be jumping ahead to The Donald’s second term in office. Sorry, folks! I couldn’t resist! But hey, at least we have some quality comedy to look forward to for the next four years…
Either way, The Simpsons did an amazing job in honoring The Donald’s first 125 days in office (the right way).
After all, The Simpsons were the ones to predict Trump’s ascension to The White House years in advance.

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