Well, Sure Looks Like 'The Revenant' Is Getting A Gritty, Down-To-Earth Reboot

I mean, I knew they were churning out reboots like candy, but The Revenant came out in 2015. Do we really need the guerrilla, down-to-earth reboot just two short years later.
But in all seriousness, even though I’d gladly watch a Revenant sequel, this is why I’m a big indoors guy. The nature is the animal’s domain, man. We’ve become too domesticated at this point. I don’t care how smart and advanced humans are– when a human and a bear shoot the ones, the bear is the favorite in that fight, ten times out of ten.
via NDTV:

Richard Wesley was near Fire River in Ontario when he spotted a black bear in a distance. The bear was going about minding his business, perhaps not bothered about the hunter’s presence. But roughly a minute into the video, when the bear walks in his direction, Richard Wesley tries to scare off the bear by making a loud noise. That doesn’t down go too well with the bear.
In split seconds, the angry animal charges at him throwing him to the ground. The camera falls and the confrontation between the two cannot be seen. But moments later, the hunter appears on the camera, surprisingly unharmed but shaken by the encounter that nearly killed him. The bear is nowhere in sight.
“I should have shot a long time ago. Scared me,” he says to the camera after the near death experience.


Somehow, Wesley was lucky enough to escape with just a bruised elbow after the near-death experience.
This is also why I stay away from Canada.

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