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Lance Armstrong (Memba Him?) Is Engaged And She Ain’t Bad


via Instagram

Memba Lance Armstrong? Memba LiveStrong? Ooooooo I memba.

Memba when Lance Armstrong did steroids and was essentially blackballed from society? Oooo I also memba.

(For those who didn’t understand a word of that, it’s a South Park reference, get a f*cking clue).

Anyway, yeah, he’s still alive and relatively thriving, I guess. Probably still has a shit ton of money, and now he’s bagged himself a solid looking wife. Good on Lance. She’s no Sheryl Crow or Kate Hudson, who Armstrong was previously linked to, but still, not bad.

The 45-year-old  former Tour de France champion cyclist announced the news on his Instagram, captioning the photo, “She said….. YES!!!!”

Anna and Lance are already parents to two children: Max, 7, and Olivia, 6.

She said….. YES!!!!

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