NBA Playoffs 2017 Western Conference Finals Game 4: Score, Stats & Live Updates

The NBA Western Conference Finals continues tonight with game four from San Antonio. We will have all of the latest updates and analysis so stay tuned all night.


The San Antonio Spurs look to extend their series with the Golden State Warriors as they meet tonight in San Antonio. The Spurs are down 3-0 and will likely be playing without their best player, Kawhi Leonard, who is out with an ankle injury. After their comeback win in game 1, the Warriors have won the last two games by double digits. The Warriors are looking to return to the NBA Finals for the third straight year and win their second title in three years. The game starts at 9:00 PM Eastern on ESPN.

First Quarter

11:30-Manu Ginobili gets his first playoff start since 2013 and starts off with the left-handed finger roll
9:30- LaMarcus Aldridge is by far the tallest player on the court he has to be able to rebound and get putbacks
7:51- A physical game has both teams upset to start. Nobody is getting the calls they want
7:22-Durant should be able to get what he wants if Danny Green is guarding him all game. And if Aldridge ignores rim protecting duties
6:00- Aldridge has the ability to be the best player on a competitive team, but he has to make his jump shots or San Antonio has no shot
5:48- Golden State doing what they do best… getting Curry and Durant in space, driving the lane, and finding a wide open shooter. Could be a long night for the Spurs. And anybody live updating the game
4:32- Game moving at the Warriors pace, Patty Mills isn’t moving his feet, Draymond Green is orchestrating the offense.
4:00- Bryn Forbes getting some run as Popovich goes deep into his bench
3:24- Javale McGee comes into the game after not getting the start tonight and goaltends as his first impact on the game
2:38- Curry won’t miss more than once on a possession…Spurs need to rebound
1:55- Popovich looking to the future by playing Forbes and Murray. Invaluable experience for them to play in this atmosphere
End of First- Spurs defensive effort not nearly enough if they want to keep this series going. Maybe more youth off the bench will help out.

Second Quarter

10:28- In possibly the last game of his career, Ginobili is trying to do all he can to keep the Spurs in it
9:47- Popovich still has that charming sense of humor that everybody loves. Hopefully more of that in his halftime interview
8:28- Aldridge in the post that deep is two points everytime
7:00- If Ian Clark is making his threes, then you know the game is gonna be tough to win
5:31- Kevin Durant is doing his best Marcus Smart impersonation!
4:50- This live update may be over by half time
4:30- Jeff Van Gundy doesn’t see much offense on the floor for the Spurs. Let’s see if he’s right
2:56- Not really a hot take here, but Shaun Livingston is a great post-playing guard. Nearly unstoppable for a smaller guard
1:50- Murray trying to get to the rim as much as possible to create. Hopefully he throws one down next time instead of being blocked twice by Durante
HALFTIME- Entertaining but not terribly competitive. The spread was 11.5 so Vegas will be watching the second half. As will I. See you soon.

Third Quarter

10:30- Golden State’s complimentary players will be important going into the next round. They should get some good minutes in the second half
8:24- This game is looking like it is going to be out of reach pretty soon. Also some sloppy basketball by both teams. Maybe time to start channel surfing
6:14- We want more Manu. And less Curry. We have three more weeks of that
4:56- Welcome to this episode of the Mark Jackson and Jeff Van Gundy “We Have a lot of time to kill” show
2:46- Hold that thought it might be a little more competitive as the crowd gets back into it. Warriors playing loose with the ball
1:17- Is it too early to call dagger? More step back threes from Curry

Fourth Quarter

10:18- I do not think it is too early. Enjoy the possible end of Ginobili’s career. See you tomorrow night

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