The NBA Just Threw All Sorts Of Shade At Dave Chappelle And We're Not Happy About It

We joke around a lot here on COED because we like to have a good time and we always think a sense of humor is necessary in this cruel and unjust world. But when you mess with Dave Chappelle, well, that’s when we get serious. Crossing the GOAT is just something we simply can’t let ride. So, NBA, this is your notice that we’re putting you on blast for the shade you threw at our man during Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Boston Celtics.
Here’s exhibit A of the NBA’s crime:

“And a fan…”
Are you kidding us here, NBA? That’s how you’re going to play it?
Amy Schumer gets A LOT of hate from the entertainment world and its fans. I’m talking vile, disgusting, borderline criminal type of hate. Personally, I don’t think some of it is warranted and I actually think she’s decently funny. But regardless of my opinion on the matter, it’s a simple fact that Chappelle is not only a bigger name but also a FAR better comedian. His dual-special return to Netflix earlier this year was a gift to the masses. His hilarity and biting social takes put him back on par with the Pryor’s, Carlin’s and C.K.s’ of the world.
NBA, how you going to do the man dirty like that?
I find the National Basketball Association guilty on all counts of disrespecting the GOAT. I hereby sentence the NBA to an eternity of being clowned on by Chappelle in his next stand-up special. Please @ them in insulting tweets for the next 24 hours as well.
It’s on like Donkey Kong.


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