The Billboard Awards Sucked But The Red Carpet Was Straight Fire Emojis

The 2017 Billboard Awards were last night, and other than Drake once again dominating, there were no real storylines of the night.
Except for how crazy hot literally every woman there looked. Apparently, in 2017, fashion is just showing off as much skin as possible. Olivia Munn basically had both of her headlights out, while Rita Ora’s butt was more in your face then her face was. Nicki Minaj was … well, she was doing her Nicki Minaj thing:

(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Vannesa Hudgens wore 17 billion sexy ass outfits as host, and was looking so fine, that Drake took it upon himself to shoot his shot:

Can we talk about Drake for a second? This mother f*cker man. I’ll be the first to say I like his old music better, but this guy is just living another level of human life. Dude dominates the award show itself, and then when he’s on stage to accept his award, he just charms the pants off the entire building. How much you want to bet he f*cked Vanessa Hudgens¬†that night? I’d take those odds.
Anyway, it was a night of celebrity bullshit and hollow awards. None of that really matters to them — they only show up to these things so they can dress to the nines, get wasted, and then all sleep with each other. Just a bunch of rich and beautiful people being beautiful and rich. Picture¬†Eyes Wide Shut, only dope.

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