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This View Of Sara Underwood Is Spectacular In More Ways Than One


Nature buff Sara Underwood was recently taking in the beautiful sights of the Fifth Water Hot Springs in Springville, Utah. Thankfully for all of us, Sara documented her adventure with a phenomenal GIF that she posted to her Instagram account.

Check out Sara enjoying a majestic waterfall while relaxing in a hot spring. Talk about a jaw-dropping trifecta.

Hot spring AND a waterfall?!? Put a fork in me cause that's as good as it gets! 🎥 by @stevebitanga

A post shared by Sara Underwood (@saraunderwood) on

What a view. And no disrespect to the amazing scenery, but Sara’s backside steals the show. Sara’s like Adele and the hot spring and waterfall are just her background singers, complimenting a once in a lifetime talent. Nature’s cool and all, but Sara’s butt is the one that puts butts in the seats.

To prove that GIF wasn’t a fluke, here are some of our previous posts on Sara. I pinky promise that there’s no better way to start your weekend than by cracking a cold one and pursuing these classics.

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