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College Kid Lets His Friend Punch Him, Immediately Regrets His Decision



In what appears to be a dorm room, a college student had an ingenious idea to let his friend drill him in the face. Watch him get put to sleep from a massive right hand.

The whole point of college is to make bad decisions, but that was taking things a bit too far. Letting husky Christian Laettner pop you with all of his might was so goddamn stupid it’s unreal.

What did he think was going to happen? He was going to swallow that punch and look cool in front of all of his buddies because the chill vibes of Wiz Khalifa were going to protect him? Get real. The odds of him walking away from that unscathed were minuscule at best, while the chances of him getting knocked out were as guaranteed as a Men’s Warehouse slogan.

But I guess it was fitting that he was wearing a Hawaiian shirt and ended up on the ground, folded up like a beach chair. Hang loose, brah.

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