The Hottest WAGS of Soccer Will Have You Wonder Why More Athletes Don't Play Footie

It’s no secret that professional foreign soccer players tend to have extremely attractive girlfriends, fiancees, and wives. But just like talent on the field, not all of the soccer WAGs are cut from the same cloth. There are some WAGs who get all the attention from the blogs and sports rags–either because they act crazy or because they deserve to be seen regularly. We can’t speak to the actions of the women on this list, but we can guarantee you that you’re going to want to see the ladies here.
Also, without getting sidetracked too much, why is it that American soccer players don’t have equally attractive wives? Honestly, it’s not even close. These European dudes have turned literal international supermodels into housewives and meanwhile American soccer players don’t even own their own homes. Is it the competition they face against MLB, NBA and NFL players, or is it just that women here in the USA don’t love soccer as much? The truth is probably somewhere in between. (Also, I’m serious BTW. If there is a hot American soccer WAG, we want to know because in the 2+ hours of research we’ve done, we can’t find one worth including on this list.)
If we had to pick favorites, we’d say that our favorite WAGs are probably Fanny Neguesha (the gf of Mario Balotelli) and Antonella Racuzzo (girlfriend of Lionel Messi and mother of his children). Whereas Fanny is posting all sorts of photos and outfits from her time in Miami, Antonella is almost the opposite. It’s the rare occasion where you’ll see Antonella wearing something skimpy, but when she does: damn.

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