WATCH: All These High School Students Get Pepper-Sprayed For Class

Apparently, pepper-spray is a part of the lesson plan in this Ohio high school class. Parents gave permission to allow their teenage child to be pepper-sprayed as part of the school’s criminal science program.
My high school experience was pretty simple; the work was easy, the bud was dank, and I had my whole future ahead of me. But luckily, I have never been pepper-sprayed before because it looks like it hurts like an uncle-f**ker.
A video showing a bald man in a track suit pepper-spraying a group of teenagers has been viewed online more than 15 million times.
“It felt like sticking your face into a bonfire,” said Joshua Horvath, 17, a student at the school that hosts this intriguing and somewhat controversial program.
But pepper-spray isn’t the only shocking part of this program, as these students have also literally been shocked with stun guns. This competitive program can prepare students for a career in the military or police-force.
“It’s an excellent program,” said Melody Steinhour, 42, a parent of one of the students. “The philosophy is, if you’re going to carry pepper spray, or you’re going to carry a Taser, and use it as a weapon, you need to know what it feels like before you inflict that pain on someone else.”
These kids are hardcore! My liberal-educated ass would never voluntarily get pepper-sprayed or tased…or would I? Nevermind, that’s not important. Let’s hear what one of the students think about this program.
“It teaches us what we’re going to be doing in the field,” said Horvath, who wants to be a police officer. “It keeps kids out of trouble because once you learn at a younger age, you’re like ‘oh, yeah, I don’t wanna do that again.’”
In the end, these kids learned through the pain. Alright, enough of me flapping my keyboard, I’ll let you all see the video you came here to see:

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