Stay Up To Date With The Latest Lavar Ball Memes

The NBA Draft lottery finally went down, with three of the most iconic franchises in the league securing the top three picks. The Philadelphia ‘Trust The Process’ Sixers are picking third, with the Los Angeles Lakers picking second, and the Boston Celtics, this season’s #1 seed in the east, won the top overall pick.
While this is great for all these respective franchises and their fans, there was only one true winner of the night — and that was the Ball family.
With the Celtics and the Lakers holding the top two picks, Lonzo Ball, who is a consensus top 2 pick, will end up with one of the league’s two premier franchises.
So what this all mean? This means, that despite his massive f*cking mouth and his unabashed dickheadness, Lavar Ball is looking like he’s going to have the last laugh. So long as Lonzo produces up to his talent level, he’ll be the best player on one of the league’s two most famous teams. Big Baller Brand shoes are going to be a lot easier to sell with Lonzo as a Laker or Celtic than if he were on, let’s say, the Kings or the Timberwolves.
But even though Lavar Ball won the night, the internet still won the war, as the memes will last forever, no matter what Lonzo does in the NBA.

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