Katherine Webb Is Literally Redefining What It Means To Be A MILF









Man, Katherine Webb.
She hasn’t crossed my mind not for a while, and for a while, I mean since Brent Musberger retired.
Webb got knocked up by AJ McCarron, which means I probably unfollowed her, given the inevitable stream of pregnancy pictures. Similar to how people say you never want to meet your heroes, I never want to see my favorite models pregnant.
But Webb’s baby is almost a year old now, and her body is looking as good as ever, as she has been proudly flaunting on Instagram recently.
The most next level thing about Webb’s whole Instagram game is that it’s revolutionizing how the MILF-gram game is done.
Take Kourtney Kardashian for example. While she both throws up the baby picsĀ andĀ the fire bikini pics, she does them separately.
Katherine Webb, on the other hand, is merging the two. It’s almost like her baby is just a mere accessory to the picture itself. Like, her baby is the set-up, but her body is the punchline.

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