Emily Ratajkowski Is In Cannes, And, Well… You Get The Picture

My f*cking girl!!!!!
I mean this 1000% seriously: Emily Ratajkowski is a perfect human being.
Ship her off to the White House and I guarantee they sort their shit out just because everyone in the building is trying to impress her.
Send her to North Korea and let her negotiate with Kim Jong-Un.
Send her to Mars and the planet will colonize itself in hopes of seeing more of her.
Send her to hell and let her negotiate a peace treaty between God and Satan.
Make her the CEO of Uber and they’ll stop f*cking up like clockwork.
Have her pilot a flight for United and they’ll be everyone’s favorite airline again. Have her …
Okay, I think you get the picture.

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She loves me @bellahadid @haileybaldwin

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