Emily Ratajkowski Seems To Be Enjoying Cannes, Posts Hand Bra Photo To Instagram











The 70th annual edition of the famous Cannes Film Festival is currently underway, and what better way to celebrate the occasion than with a blistering hot photo of Emily Ratajkowski!? She’s obviously in Cannes, France for the film festival, as I cannot imagine there’s an event on this planet that Emily wouldn’t be invited to. There’s no need to crash parties when you look like this, folks.
Great googly moogly. Short-haired Emily Ratajkowski plays for keeps! I’ve never seen her with such short hair, but it’s quite evident that she can pull if off.
Just another textbook example of why hand bras are the very best kind of bras. They look sexy as all hell, and they save women a boatload of money in the long run. I highly doubt Emily is strapped for dough, but a penny saved is a penny earned.
Today is just the first day of the Cannes Film Festival, as it will run from May 17 through May 28. And because I’m a journalist of the people, I’ll be sure to keep you abreast (pun most definitely intended) with Emily’s Instagram adventures in Cannes.

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