Can We Talk About Gorgeous 'Master Of None' Season 2 Star Alessandra Mastronardi?

If you aren’t watching Masters Of None by now, let me first tell you that you are, in fact, an idiot.
And as great as the first season was, the second season is even better.
Moving the show to Italy, Aziz made the already romantic Master of None even more intimate. It also introduced a couple of new characters, most notably Dev’s love interest, Francesca, played by stunning Italian actress Alessandra Mastronardi.
Alessandra was born in Naples, Italy, to a father from Agnone, in the province of Isernia and a mother from Naples, but was brought up in Rome after moving there at the age of five. She attended a Classical Lyceum and then the Sapienza University of Rome trying to graduate in Performing Arts. Previously she had attended a Psychology course in the same Institution.
While she hasn’t starred in many American roles, Alessandra crushes it in Italy, adding yet another reason to my list of reasons why I’d rather be living in Rome than New York.

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