ICYMI: Olympic Medalist McKayla Maroney Dropped The Hottest Instagram Video Of All-Time












Olympic medalist McKayla Maroney may have retired from the gymnastics mat back in 2016, but she’s remained relevant thanks in part to her insanely hot Instagram post. In fact, her one-million plus followers were recently treated to an especially scintillating post.
Check out the gymnast’s perfectly toned backside.
Now that Maroney is no longer focusing on gymnastics, she’s trying to make it as a musician. Unfortuantely, that means she doesn’t has enough time to post juicy Instagram pics like she used to. But when she does get around to uploading something, it’s always fire.
Sadly, the world at large threw some heat Maroney’s way for her racy posts. But the little firecracker was quick the hit back at the haters.
“i didn’t get hacked. unfollow if u need to. all love,” Maroney wrote on Instagram following the butt-thong post.
This isn’t the first time Marnoey has taken to social media to speak to the masses. Last summer, she spoke up when rumors of plastic surgery began cropping up.
It’s pretty ridiculous that people are out here hating on Maroney for doing her thing. She’s not breaking any laws, she’s not hurting anyone. In fact, she’s out here giving gifts to the world. Seriously, is this any different than the Kardashians and Jenners promoting their own brands with revealing shots? No, Maroney is just out here hustling and y’all trying to bring her down.
Sit back and enjoy this, people. Damn.

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