George R.R. Martin, Hellbent On Making People Miserable, Says 'GoT' Prequel Won't Cover Robert's Rebellion

Do we even need George R.R. Martin anymore?
I mean, seriously, the show has lapped the books, with last season being merely guided by George R.R.’s notes for the upcoming The Winds Of Winter. Sure, the dude created the world and props to him, but I don’t see his purpose going forward.
Kind of like god and humans, you know? Like, if God’s real and made us, once he got the show (Earth) up and running, he stepped back into the shadows and let humans run the whole thing themselves. George R.R. needs to do that with Game Of Thrones — just let the brilliant TV people take over and waddle his way into the background.
In a LiveJournal last night, because George R.R. Martin is still living in the year 2002, he revealed that HBO had developed five, not four, prequel ideas, however, none of them revolve around Robert’s Rebellion.
Via Vulture:

HBO now has five — not four — ideas in the works, and clarifying that the none of these ideas will have characters continue from the main GOT series (sorry, Hot Pie). Nor does Martin intend to let HBO take on his Dunk and Egg novellas, since he has “at least seven or eight or ten more I want to write,” and doesn’t want a show to get ahead of the books again. And finally, the biggest letdown: There won’t be a show about Robert’s Rebellion, the conflict that preceded the main action of the series, since “by the time I finish writing A Song of Ice and Fire, you will know every important thing that happened in Robert’s Rebellion.”

Last time I checked (and by checked, I mean the last time my uber-Thrones fan roommate told me), HBO owned the rights to GoT properties outright and don’t necessarily need Martin’s consent. What I just said could also be a total crock of shit, but last I heard, that was the truth.
Fans — myself included — have long argued that a show based around Robert’s Rebellion would be just as, if not more so, entertaining than the Game Of Thrones we all know and love today.
Even seven seasons in, Ned Stark is still in most people’s top 3 favorite characters (if not the top), and a show based around a young Ned navigating Robert’s Rebellion would be a homerun.

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