Nebraska Man Arrested For Hiring 75 Prostitutes To Strip On Neighbor's Porch

Douglas Goldsberry, a 45-year-old Nebraska man, has been accused of hiring more than 75 prostitutes to strip on his neighbor’s porch.
Goldsberry, of Elkhorn, Nebraska, was arrested and charged with pandering and solicitation after police traced mobile communications from prostitutes to his phone.
The couple, who lives across the street from Goldsberry, claims that since 2013, women, some as young as 16 years old, have been stripping on their porch. Furthermore, they claim that some of them have kicked on their door or rang their doorbell and became angry when the couple wouldn’t pay them.
Douglas County Sheriff Tim Dunning said the stripping happened about once a month but later increased to up to eight times in one month.

Prosecutors say police were able to trace phone communications from the prostitutes to Douglas Goldsberry, who lives across the street from the Elkhorn house where the women were stripping.
Prosecutors claim he may have hired girls under the age of 16, KETV reported on Friday.
The family with two small children reported that women had shown up as many as 75 times since 2013, exposing themselves on the home’s porch and sometimes kicking the door and yelling for payment.

According to the Omaha World-Herald, Goldsberry’s lawyer, Nathan Lab, asked for his client’s bail to be lowered, calling the case an “anomaly.” However, Douglas County District Court Judge Derek Vaughn rejected the request to lower bail.

“These allegations are still allegations. Let’s focus on posting bail right now and getting him back to court.”

If convicted, Goldsberry faces up to four years in prison and a $25,000 fine. Goldsberry remains in jail on a $100,000 bail.
The case is still being investigated by police.

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