South Carolina Mom Flips Out On Son For Not Giving Her A Mother's Day Card, So She Gets Locked Up Instead

Mother’s Day is usually about celebrating all the great things your mom did for you. But then again, this can be pretty problematic if your mother happens to be violently abusive.
Shontrell Murphy from South Carolina didn’t get a Mother’s Day card from her young son on Thursday. Oh, he forgot to give her a card. No, big deal, right? But then, he gave his grandmother a card. So, his momma probably knew that the lack of a Mother’s Day card was an obvious message that he doesn’t think she should be celebrated.
The boy’s sister relayed to police that the entire reason Shontrell hit her son was because she didn’t receive a card, but the grandmother did.
Murphy is charged with cruelty to children. She hit her son so hard that he needed to be treated for his injuries at a local hospital.
Police have confirmed that she has already been released from Spartanburg County Detention Center.

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