WATCH: College Student Have A Shrieking Meltdown After Seeing A Trump Sign On Campus–D/?taken-by=realdonaldtrump

Acting like a petulant child is the new progressive, apparently. Ugghh, what has the world come to? We’re in a point of political existence where the dominant opinion on both sides can be a combination of cringe-worthiness and hilarious. The political machine went into overdrive this election and ramped up the media propaganda through every outlet possible, from the media to the schools. And this is the end result of it, a college student absolutely losing her sh*t from seeing a sign that read, “Trump: Borders, Laws, Jobs, Liberty, USA.”
She’s identified as an art student. There’s a male voice, presumably in his middle ages, who was saying “this is exactly why I’m against the legalization of marijuana.” Hold up, pump the breaks, buddy. Cannabis has nothing to do with her tantrum. If anything, it’d chill her out. I smoked pot a lot in college and high school, and what happened? I got near straight As, won scholarships, joined international honor societies, and now I’m talking to you. Yep, pot has nothing to do with people acting like psychos. It’s media indoctrination that has gone awry that’s the problem.
If you’re against Trump, how are you proving your case by screaming like you belong in a psych ward? Don’t ya think that even if your cause is right, your behavior will muddy up your message and drive rational people away?
Whatever, I don’t know. Just watch the video yourself and you decide.

People tried to come to this shrieking banshee’s aid, but she doesn’t want or need any assistance. She’s approached by a woman who looks like a school administrator. The banshee says, “Call the police, b*tch.”
And oh yeah, that preacher who was blaming “marijuana” on her outburst is named Eric Bostrom. And please, don’t drag weed into this. It helps people who suffer seizures, anxiety and even cancer. There is no direct linkage between acting like a raving lunatic and smoking a joint. So relax, old timer, you don’t know what you’re talking about.
But yeah, this is some crazy sh*t tho. See all this madness on the Western Washington Campus.

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