The Colorado State Undie Run Was A Complete Success

There are only a few schools in the United States that have Undie Runs–unofficial “races” in which students participate wearing as little clothes as possible–but Colorado State definitely sits at the top as one of the most well-attended events. Is it the sexiest thing you could imagine? Definitely not. Literally any students can attend, it’s not just underwear models. But to be fair the Undie Run does look like a ton of fun.
Honestly we’re not sure how long the actual run itself is, but the highlight definitely seems to be at the end when everyone winds up in a huge field and just has a huge rager in their undies. Guys were jumping off of lamp posts, girls were waving the American flag, and everyone seemed to be having a great time.
The Colorado State University administration originally banned the event, but allowed it to continue in good faith the day of. The students in turn responded without a single arrest, behaving themselves as much as humanly possible. So kudos to them.
Check out a recap of the day in the photos above, or in the video you see below.

14-Year-Old Math Prodigy Graduates From TCU
14-Year-Old Math Prodigy Graduates From TCU
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