Colorado High School Spanish Teacher Suspended For Having Students Smash Donald Trump Piñata

A Colorado high school Spanish teacher is in hot water for pulling off an insanely stupid stunt. In an extremely misguided effort to give their Cinco de Mayo celebrations a boost, the teacher put a picture of Donald Trump on a piñata.
The footage is grainy, but you can watch kids take cuts at the Trump piñata in the video below.

For more details, here’s a Facebook post from the mother of one of the students.

This is a textbook example of when trying to be “the cool teacher” goes spectacularly wrong. Just fill that sucker up with delicious Reese’s Cups (or Rolexes if you’re a Billy Madison-esque baller) and call it a day. You can’t have the goddamn Leader of the Free World get his likeness bashed in by teenagers armed with wiffle ball bats. I’m no Trump fan either, but attempting to influence the political opinions of your high school students is deeply unprofessional.
Via the New York Post, here’s the fallout from the Trump piñata.

The Roosevelt High School teacher, who was not identified, “has been placed on paid administrative leave pending an investigation by the school district that will commence on Monday,” Weld County RE-5J School District officials posted on Facebook Saturday night.
“This was an incredibly disrespectful act that does not reflect the values of Roosevelt High School or the school district,” Superintendent Martin Foster said in a statement,
Facebook photos posted by an angry parent of a girl at the school show the green, red and blue piñata with a photo of Trump’s smiling face at the center.

At least this suspension will give the teacher plenty of time to cook up a dynamite Mother’s Day party! May I suggest a dunk tank where somebody wears a mask of Johnny Depp‘s mom from Blow? Biggest villain in the history of cinema.

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