Kentucky Derby 2017 Memes: Funny Photos, Best Jokes & Pictures

Ah, The Kentucky Derby. That one time of year when people pretend to be interested in horse racing. Yes, it’s much like your birthday when all those people, who never acknowledge your existence, take a moment out of their busy schedule to write “Happy Birthday” or “HBD” on your FaceBook wall.
This is also the time of year when drunken relatives bother you for money, so they can bet your earnings on a horse they’ve never heard of until a half hour ago. It’s a pity really. But imagine, if I would have only listened to those drunken pleas, I might be sitting on a fortune instead of writing up an article about memes. Most likely not, but who knows?
I thought “Practical Joke” was a good bet, just because of the name. I was being peer-pressured by family to gamble, but I really didn’t want to break that $100 bill I received for graduation. It has a violet velvet strip and everything. But imagine, if Practical Joke won. Oh, that would really suck…

Goatnappers Led Police On High Speed Chase…Wait, What?
Goatnappers Led Police On High Speed Chase…Wait, What?
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