Colbert To Have 'Daily Show' Hall Of Famers On 'The Late Show' For One Epic Episode

Stephen Colbert has had an interesting week.
After unleashing an epic monologue on Monday, Colbert faced quite the backlash from the right, with the hashtag #FireColbert trending at one point. It was ridiculous and overblown and if you know anything about Colbert then you knew he really wasn’t going to give a shit.
As he unsurprisingly revealed Wednesday night, he wouldn’t change a thing.
But I’m not writing this article to talk about what happened this week, I’m writing it to talk about what’s happening next week.
For Tuesday, May 9’s episode, Colbert has assembled an ‘all-star’ team of former The Daily Show correspondents to join him for what’s being billed as “special evening of comedy and conversation.”
Samantha Bee, John Oliver, Ed Helms, Rob Corddry, and none other than Jon Stewart himself will be joining Colbert to most likely tear into the giant orange elephant in the room.

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