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Lavar Ball Has A Twitter Now, So I Guess It’s Officially Time To Delete Twitter


Well, if we’re being literal, he’s had Twitter for about two weeks now, but just last night he Tweeter out a couple of preposterous Lavar Ball statements for the first time.

If you didn’t think Twitter’s plummeting stock price was proof enough that the company was failing, Lavar Ball joining Twitter should serve as proof positive. If you didn’t already jump ship already, mow that Lavar’s on board, it’s definitely time to cut bait.

And if you didn’t already think that Lavar Ball was a living caricature, just check out his Twitter bio, where he describes himself as the ‘Big Baller’.

Seriously, though, short of like mouth cancer, I’m staring to seriously Think that there is nothing on this earth that will get Lavar Ball Who shot his fat mouth. Because, apparently, screwing his son out of endorsement deals from Nike, Adidas, AND Under Armour just wasn’t enough.

I seriously don’t think I’ve ever hated one more than I hate Lavar Ball. You know, besides like Hitler and Putin and stuff.

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