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Bella Hadid Straight Murdered Everyone Else At The Met Gala


The Met Gala was last night, bringing together all of America’s biggest sta… DID ANYONE SEE BELLA HADID?!

My God. In terms of the┬áHadids, I’ve always thought I was more of a Gigi guy, but you can consider me officially converted.

I think this is when the girls would say some shit like “slay, queen, slay.” I’m not really sure what the male equivalent of that is, but whatever the hell it is, it applies here, because Bella basically slayed and murdered everyone else attending the ball.

And you want to know the craziest part of all this?

TWENTY. If you told me Bella Hadid was 31 years old, I’d believe you immediately. And to think that The goddamn WEEKND has gone from this chick to Selena Gomez is so perplexing and frustrating, I feel as though it may rip a hole in the space-time continuum.

But I digress.

The Met Gala was what it always is — prom for the one percenters. We’ll never be there, but it doesn’t mean we can’t admire.

Especially Bella Hadid.

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