Carmella: Hottest Photos Of The WWE SmackDown Women's Champion Wrestler

Carmella is full of attitude and sex appeal. She’s the trash-talkin’, moon-walkin’, Princess of Staten Island. She can be seen every Tuesday night on WWE SmackDown Live.
Her real name is Leah Van Dale. Before she became a wrestler, she was a cheerleader for the New England Patriots for three seasons. She then went on to become a member of the Los Angeles Lakers dance team from 2010 to 2011.
In June 2013, Ms. Dale was picked up by the WWE. She was assigned to their NXT developmental brand, where she played Carmella, a street-talking former hairdresser from Staten Island. She managed the ultra-popular tag team of Enzo and Cass. Every night, Enzo would introduce this blonde starlet to the NXT audience during his entrance promos. “This right here is Carmella and she’s hot as hell,” says Enzo. “And you can’t teach that!”
In July 2016, Carmella was moved up to the main roster. She was drafted over to SmackDown, where she feuded with Nikki Bella and many others.

For some reason, she took a liking to the odd ball James Ellsworth. He did prove to be very useful, helping “The Princess of Staten Island” win the first-ever female Money In The Bank ladder match. But thankfully, she eventually dumped Ellsworth and went off on her own path.
She ascended to the top on theĀ SmackDown After WrestleMania 34, when she cashed in her MITB briefcase on a hurt Charlotte Flair, effectively winning the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship in the process.


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