Brad Pitt And David Fincher Teaming Up Again?

Back in August 2016, director David Fincher’s name was rumored in connection to the long-gestating World War Z sequel from producer/star Brad Pitt. Fincher, a two-time Academy Award nominee, seemed like a long shot at the time and the rumors soon fizzled out. However, now it appears that the infamously fickle director is indeed close to signing on for the film, Variety reports.
So how did this not-quite-a-franchise-yet snag Fincher? First, Pitt’s recruiting efforts played a big role. The duo have worked well together in the past – Se7enFight Club, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button – and Pitt’s producing role can help support Fincher’s big visions.
Another factor was the involvement of Paramount’s new chairman and CEO Jim Gianopulos. The two previously worked together on Fincher’s Gone Girl and he is expected to officially give World War Z 2 the greenlight in the coming weeks.
Production isn’t slated to start until early 2018, giving Fincher plenty of time to plan out the movie.
The director has been wary of working on sequels ever since his time on Alien 3, but World War Z 2 offers a unique opportunity. Though the first movie scored $540 million at the box office, it wasn’t too big of a hit where fans consider it unchangeable holy scripture. Fincher would have the opportunity to play around as he sees fit. Plus, if it’s a hit, fans may be treated to more blockbusters with Fincher’s unique style, which is a plus.
Hopefully, the project comes together and audiences get to see World War Z 2 sometime in 2019.

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